Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Foundation Nubian - Mini Goats - Bucks

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes (F5) Nubian - Mini Buck (male) Brown, black & cream points. 3 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar Doe Boy Willem (F4) Nubian - Mini Buck (male) Black & tan,white belly, blue eyes 4 yrs Not for Sale
Treestar's Chairman of the Board Frank (F2) Nubian - Mini Buck (male) black&white sandgau/frosted ears 5 yrs Not for Sale


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)  Nubian - Mini Buck (male) Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle. Deceased
Whispering Pines Star's Liam (F4)  Nubian - Mini Buck (male) black/white belly splash/blue eyes Deceased