Treestar Farm

Our Goats Live in the Lap of Luxury

Foundation Nubian - Mini Goats

Doe (female)

Our flashy little girl, now in milk!
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Gold, dk brn/cream points,moonspots | MDGA# AMN080372 yrs 

Not for Sale

Buck (male)

Phoebe & Liam's Beautiful Boy
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Black & tan,white belly, blue eyes | MDGA# AMN059713 yrs

Willem is a fine example of an American Mini Nubian. He is 4th generation, 59.59% Nubian/40.41% Nigerian Dwarf. He was retained as a replacement for his sire who is no longer with us and brought eve...

Not for Sale
Blue Eyes Bustin' Out All Over!
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)black&white sandgau/frosted ears | MDGA# XN053515 yrs

Friendly, nice temperament, dam was my second best milker. Frankie has blue eyes and throws all blue eyed kids. He has moved on to another herd but is included here for reference as we retained two ...

Not for Sale


RIP sweet baby girl.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Black & tan, white side splash. | MDGA# XN03907 

Grace was named appropriately. She is a 75% Nubian/25% Nigerian Dwarf, 1st generation doe and so has more of the svelte Nubian look about her and everything she does seems dainty and delicate. As a ...

RIP our blue eyed diva.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & cream buckskin, white poll | MDGA# XN04516 

Snowball is now included for reference. She passed away six days after kidding in 2018 as a result of pregnancy complications....

Now gone but leaves a legacy.
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle. | MDGA# MN04571 

Aachen has moved on after three successful breeding seasons with us so his information is here for reference. He is a 57.45% Nubian/42.55% Purebred Miniature Nubian. ...

Our Original Herd Sire
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)black/white belly splash/blue eyes | MDGA# AMN05345, TMGR# BN00185 

Liam is included here as a reference sire as he is no longer with us. He is a 54.49% Nubian/45.51% Nigerian Dwarf 4th generation buck. He was our herd sire for three years and moved on after the las...