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Our inquisitive Li'l Squirt.

Treestar Michigan Blizzard (AKA Li'l Squirt F2)

Goat, Nubian - Mini, Buck (male) | Black & white buckskin/frosted ears

MDGA# XN08467 | DOB: 1/22/2018 (2 yrs)

Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)

Now gone but leaves a legacy.

Polka Stripe Farm Aachen +B (F6)

Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle.
MDGA# MN04571DOB: 3/25/20155 yrs
Aachen has moved on after three successful breeding seasons with us so his information is here for reference. He is a 57.45% Nubian/42.55% Purebred Miniature Nubian.
 MDGA# MN04571 Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle.
Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)

RIP our blue eyed diva.

Papa John's Michigan Snowball (F2)

Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & cream buckskin, white poll
MDGA# XN04516DOB: 2/3/1980
Snowball is now included for reference. She passed away six days after kidding in 2018 as a result of pregnancy complications.
 MDGA# XN04516 black & cream buckskin, white poll

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Updated 5/22/2020


She's a keeper!
First Freshener (female)Under 1 yrgold/cream buckskin, frosted ears
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