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Marigold Mini Phoebe *PBred

Goat, Nubian - Mini, Doe (female) | black & tan

MDGA# XN04515* | DOB: 1/11/2014 (6 yrs) (Due Date: 1/12/2019)

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Service Sire:
Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes

Celia Creek Handsome Hobbes

Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Brown, black & cream points.
MDGA# AMN08466DOB: 3/15/20172 yrs
 MDGA# AMN08466 Brown, black & cream points.

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Phoebe is a 63.12% Nubian/36.88% Nigerian Dwarf 3rd generation doe. Although we have not started formal milk production testing, Phoebe easily outdid my other first fresheners by providing up to three pints of milk in a morning milking session, all while feeding twin doelings. We retained one of those doelings, Cristabel.

Updated 1/12/2020